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The latest innovation from which is one of the preventive ways to keep your pet is not lost. Equipped with Passive GPS technology and NFC Chip, your pet can be found easily.

GPS Passive is a tracker that works a little differently than the GPS we used to use. This technology will work when the inventor scans the QR Code listed on Pet Tag. Then the last location of the animal will be sent via email to the owner. 

NFC Chip allows the inventor who has a Smartphone with this feature to access animal data and owner information just by tapping on Pet Tags, with no need to scan. 

How to use:

1. Scan QR Code . This can be done through a generic or QR Scanner Application. The Pet Tag page will open automatically and you will be prompted for "Allow Location". Furthermore the location of the animal will be automatically pressed by and sent to the owner via email.

2. Tap NFC . Can only be done if your Smartphone has NFC features. You just need to tap on Pet Tag and the rest will run the same as QR Code. 

3. Via Web Page . If you do not have QR Scanner or NFC Chip, do not worry! You can also include Web pages listed in Pet Tags. The link will be

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